Organisation and Management

The H&M group has a multi-brand matrix organisation with well-defined brands: H&M, H&M Home, COS, & Other Stories, Monki, Weekday, ARKET and Afound.

Each brand is headed by a responsible individual and has local sales organisations. Centrally, there are a number of group functions that support each brand in order to enjoy the advantages of these common areas, so that each brand and country works purposefully according to central policies and guidelines.

The chief executive officer, who is appointed by the board of directors, is responsible for day-to-day management of the H&M group and appoints the members of the executive management team, which is made up of the CEO plus twelve others – five of whom are women. The executive management team is made up of the CEO, CFO, the two people with responsibility for the H&M brand, the head of new business (which includes COS, & Other Stories, Monki, Weekday, ARKET and Afound), the two people with responsibility for business tech and the heads of the following group functions: expansion, strategy & transformation, human resources, sustainability, supply chain and communications. Those responsible for the other group functions are appointed by the chief financial officer.


H&M Group

CEO Helena Helmersson

CFO Adam Karlsson


Group Functions:

Business Tech 
Daniel Claesson, Chief Product Officer
Alan Boehme, Chief Technology Officer 

Controlling Fredrik Nilsén

Expansion Sam Miller

Human Resources Doris Klein

Sustainability Anna Gedda

Legal Fredrik Björkstedt

Communications Kristina Stenvinkel

Accounting Anders Jonasson

Security Cenneth Cederholm

Insights & Analytics Marcus Moltubak

Strategy & Transformation Joel Ankarberg

Supply chain* David Sävman




H&M and H&M Home
Fredrik Olsson, Managing Director
Daniel Ervér, Managing Director**

New Business
Anna Attemark, Head of New Business

Lea Rytz Goldman, Managing Director

& Other Stories
Karolina Gutke, Managing Director

Jennie Dahlin Hansson, Managing Director

Daniel Herrmann, Managing Director

Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Managing Director

Joanna Hummel, Managing Director

*Supply chain includes logistics as well as production.

**On parental leave 1 Sep 2020 - 1 Dec 2020.

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