Enjoy Our Culture

With us, you can have a lot of fun while achieving great results together with great people. When we do business and interact with the world around us, our shared values bring all of us together and guide us in our daily work. They are part of who we are, what we stand for,  and how we act. They help create an open, dynamic and down-to-earth company culture where anything is possible. 

Our Values

We are one team
We believe in people
Entrepreneurial spirit
Constant improvement
Straightforward and open-minded
Keep it simple

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The Erling Persson Award

From the very start, H&M Group founder Erling Persson combined an entrepreneurial business mind with a values-driven way of working.

The Erling Persson Award is an honourable annual award that recognizes H&M Group employees who make a difference by putting our values into action every day and achieving great results. Employees who always have our company’s best interest in mind, and contribute to our unique culture by being true role models that inspire others.

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