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Beta version of digital fashion guide Itsapark now live

Itsapark is a community-driven, digital fashion guide based on questions and answers. By identifying the right person to answer each question, Itsapark delivers personalised guidance and connects users with shoppable products.

4 Apr, 2019

Itsapark sees an opportunity to make fashion easier by creating a space where people can get honest answers to all their fashion questions. Users ask their questions directly to the platform and Itsapark connects them with the right person to help answer their question.

This is an early version of Itsapark, which is available to try out and explore. Itsapark will switch from its beta version to being fully open, as soon as they feel the platform is ready and can offer users the full experience.

The beta website is available here:

H&M Group is constantly exploring new ways of helping people discover and get inspired by fashion and design. Itsapark is the group’s latest project and aims to offer honest and helpful style advice within its digital community.


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