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ZDHC supports H&M Group and other signatory brands on screened chemistry

5 Feb, 2019

During 2018 H&M Group aligned with Nike, C&A and Levi’s on screened chemistry as a common method to assess chemicals.  Screened chemistry is a third-party hazards assessment that gives brands the opportunity to design hazardous substances out and to use the best in class chemicals.

In beginning of January it was announced that there will be a task team focusing on screened chemistry within the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Programme.

H&M Group and the other initiators will be part of the new task team. The support from ZDHC is crucial and will help scale screened chemistry. This is one step further towards our vision to lead the change towards safe products and a toxic free fashion future.

Read more about H&M’s chemical management here.

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