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32 Fashion Brands Unite in Coalition for the Planet

H&M Group is one of the signatories of the Fashion Pact and its commitments on climate, biodiversity and oceans.

23 Aug, 2019

On August 23rd, the Fashion Pact was presented to French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée Palace. H&M Group is one of the signatories, together with other global fashion and textile companies, committing to take concrete actions on the biggest environmental challenges the industry faces on climate, biodiversity and oceans. The Fashion Pact will be presented to heads of state during the G7 meeting at Biarritz (August 24th-26th).

“I want H&M Group to continue to be a positive force towards resolving these shared challenges. We have a lot of experience when it comes to working with sustainability, and strongly believe in the benefits of sharing knowledge and collaborating. We can accomplish more when we all share the same high ambitions and join forces to achieve them. The Fashion Pact will create an unprecedented platform for that,” says Karl-Johan Persson, CEO H&M Group.

The coalition will focus on three different areas that require urgent action while having a science-based approach: to stop global warming, restore biodiversity and protect the oceans. These are all areas in which H&M Group is already working with robust strategies, such as being climate positive by 2040 or the aim for all materials to be sustainably sourced by 2030. H&M Group is one of the signatories of the United Nation’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, which contains the vision to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

The commitments that the Fashion Pact have developed on climate, biodiversity and oceans are designed to be integrated into every signatory’s sustainability strategy and the existing cross-sector initiatives, along with the deployment of innovation accelerators.

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