Human Rights

H&M Group’s approach to human rights is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the recognition that while states have a duty to protect human rights, companies have a responsibility to respect them.

Our company is built on the contribution of millions of people. Respecting human rights is a fundamental part of H&M Group’s responsibility as a company and is vital to operate our business sustainably. H&M Group is committed to respecting fundamental human rights in our operations, our value chain, and in the communities where we operate. Respect and support for human rights is our most basic responsibility. It is engrained in our culture and values and is essential for the sustainability of our business.

Our Human Rights Policy — is guided by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. H&M Group looks to those human rights defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its two corresponding covenants, The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Additionally, we also look to children’s and women’s rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

Human rights management is based on the outcomes of ongoing due diligence review of our salient human rights issues. We use risk assessments for countries, functions, materials, processes and products to identify potential human rights risk— using ongoing dialogue and partnerships, trainings, and incident management processes to raise awareness of and remediate risks as needed. For own operation and business partners our social policies is the basis for our risk management to secure human rights and good working conditions in our own operation and supply chain.

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