Inclusion and diversity

H&M Group is a value-driven company that wants to lead the way to a more inclusive world. To us, Inclusion and diversity is about who we are and who we want to be. It is a necessity to stay successful and relevant to customers and colleagues.

How we define Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion is diversity in action. That is why inclusion comes first. Diversity is the mix of people, while inclusion is about actively advocating for that mix and making it work. In an inclusive and diverse environment, everyone can optimise decision-making and team performance by reflecting, respecting, and relating to our employees, customers and communities. There are many definitions of Inclusion and diversity — as a company, we want to embrace all these interpretations.


Our business is made of and for people. So, relating to and representing those people throughout our company is key. Beyond that, we feel that Inclusion and diversity are viable tools that help us address challenges in the globalised world. How? Inclusion and diversity foster creativity and empower business innovation. They also offer an ethical framework to standardise our practices and operations across our global networks. Whether it’s our internal diversity surveys or our external benchmark goals, we want to ensure we reach our Inclusion and diversity ambitions and demonstrate to our workforce, customers, and communities that we care about doing good and always striving to do better.


We work to continuously improve our customer offering and experience and have an explicit focus on making these more inclusive and diverse. While our brands have their unique identity, they are all united in their goals to be relevant, inclusive, and diverse to current and future customers. To facilitate this, we equip our brands with the tools, information, education, and support to help mitigate bias, improve inclusion and promote diversity in all customer-facing activities – from design ideas, product development, marketing and communication across our sales channels.


H&M Group operates globally, so community-building is an integral step in fostering an inclusive and diverse culture. We want to engage our colleagues with the broader world and ensure our presence contributes positively to the people and communities in which we work and live. Through various partnerships with local and national organisations, we invest in these communities, celebrate our connections, and build new bridges to expand our focus on the issues that most affect diversity and inclusion.

Our brand’s initiatives

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