Annual and Sustainability Report

Our Annual and Sustainability Report 2022 reveals the progress we made in the year behind us. It outlines our financial and non-financial performance and shows the efforts we made so far in achieving our targets: doubling sales while at the same time halving our greenhouse gas emissions, as well as exceeding 10% profitability – all by no later than the year 2030. To do so, our commitment to customers, investments, partnerships, and innovations remains unwavering.

Key figures 2022


billion SEK in net sales, +12% vs. 2021


recycled or other more sustainably sourced materials in our commercial goods. Includes 23% recycled materials, taking us closer to our goal of 30% by 2025


online sales as a share of the group’s net total


absolute reduction of plastic packaging compared to 2018 baseline, achieving our plastic reduction target of 25% ahead of time


markets with online sales in 58 markets


employees – converted into full-time positions, the number was 106,522


billion SEK in cash flow from operating activities


of the positions of responsibility within our own operations are held by women

Achievements and milestones

Greenhouse gas emissions

H&M Move launched

Personalised fashion recommendations

Our climate goal approved by SBTi

Our garment collecting journey continues

Advancing our work on wages

Sellpy growing and expanding

AI innovations and investments

Store improvements

*Permanent carbon dioxide removals for use under the net-zero standard are currently being defined by the SBTi, but will likely mean those that have a durability of >1000 years.

Sustainability Disclosure

Our Sustainability Disclosure includes information on our progress of how we are making fashion and design available to everyone, in a more sustainable way.