The task of the board of directors is to manage the company’s affairs on behalf of the shareholders. The board members are elected by the shareholders at the annual general meeting for the period up to the end of the next AGM.

In addition to laws and recommendations, H&M’s board work is regulated by the board’s work plan which contains rules on the distribution of work between the board, its committees and the CEO, financial reporting, investments and financing. The work plan, which also includes a work plan for the auditing committee, is established once a year. According to the articles of association, H&M’s board is to consist of at least three and no more than twelve members elected by the AGM and no more than the same number of deputies. The annual general meeting determines the exact number of board members.

H&M’s auditing committee is appointed annually by the board of directors. The auditing committee consists of Christian Sievert (chairman) along with Anders Dahlvig and Erica Wiking Häger (members). The auditing committee monitors the company’s financial reporting, which includes monitoring the effectiveness of the company’s internal control and risk management. Its work includes handling auditing issues and financial reports published by the company.

Karl-Johan Persson

Chairman of the board

Stina Bergfors

Board member

Anders Dahlvig

Board member & member of the audit committee

Lena Patriksson Keller

Board member

Christian Sievert

Board member & Chairman of the Auditing Committee

Erica Wiking Häger

Board member & member of the Auditing Committee

Niklas Zennström

Board member

Danica Kragic Jensfelt

Board member

Ingrid Godin

Employee representative

Alexandra Rosenqvist

Employee representative

Margareta Welinder

Deputy employee representative

Helena Isberg

Deputy employee representative

Board meetings

During the financial year H&M normally holds six regular board meetings, one of which is the statutory board meeting. Extraordinary board meetings are held when the need arises. The board consists of eight ordinary members elected by the annual general meeting. There are also two employee representatives and two deputy employee representative. Eight members of the board are women and four are men; four of the twelve are employed by the company. The board is assisted by a secretary who is not a member of the board.

The board meetings begin with a discussion of the company’s financial situation, with costs and sales as the main focus. The board goes through the various financial reports and the annual report and verifies these before they are published. The board meetings also discuss matters such as overall strategy, expansion and dividend policy.

The CEO attends meetings of the board in order to report on the operational work within the group and ensures that the board is given relevant and objective information on which to base its decisions.

Attendance at the board meetings is very good and the members participate in all discussions. Accounting matters are dealt with in detail within the auditing committee and reported back to the board.

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