Stakeholder engagement

By listening, sharing knowledge and learnings, developing joint frameworks and shared ambitions, we can achieve greater transparency, accountability and progress together.

Every day we engage with our different stakeholders, including industry peers, non-governmental organisations, inter-governmental organisations, policymakers, investors and the rights-holders impacted by our business.*

We work with our stakeholders in various ways including formal partnerships, face-to-face dialogue, webinars, roundtables and surveys. Our dedicated stakeholder engagement team drives this work and we systematically integrate the feedback we receive into our strategies, risk assessments and priorities. This collaboration helps us define and prioritise material issues for our reporting and identify our salient human rights.

Our stakeholders

Our stakeholder groups include:

  • Customers
    Understanding, meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations is fundamental to the success of our business and scaling circular business models.
  • Colleagues
    Our colleagues play a vital role in putting our sustainability initiatives into action.
  • Supply chain workers
    We engage with our supply chain workers through representative groups such as trade unions, as well as via anonymous surveys.
  • Communities
    We listen to feedback from affected communities and their representatives, and use their input to inform our decisions.
  • Business partners
    By collaborating with our manufacturers, suppliers of commercial and non-commercial goods, service providers and franchise partners we can share knowledge and raise industry standards.
  • Experts and innovators
    We support and invest in process, material and infrastructure innovators. We also work with experts to develop ideas for systemic change and to create positive impact beyond our business.
  • NGOs and opinion formers
    We welcome scrutiny and benchmarking against our peers from NGOs and others who push us and our industry to do better.
  • Investors and analysts
    As a publicly listed company, we engage closely with our investors, while analysts track and assess our sustainability performance. We integrate feedback from these groups into our strategy and reporting.
  • Policymakers
    To influence legislative change that supports industrywide environmental and social progress and vital systemic shifts, we work with policymakers and international institutions.
  • Media
    As a global brand, the media takes an interest in our activities. External visibility drives us to be transparent and accountable for our actions.

* Rights holders refers to our employees, our customers, the workers in our supply chains, the communities where we operate, and specific communities of people at greater risk of inequity or human rights violations.