Engaging stakeholders

We believe it is important to hold a continuous and open dialogue with our stakeholders. A multitude of diverse voices and insights help us innovate and prioritise actions within our sustainability work.

Throughout the year, we have regular dialogues with different stakeholders such as customers, colleagues, communities, suppliers, industry peers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), inter-governmental organisations (IGOs), policymakers and investors.

We do this on a day-to-day basis, through regular roundtables on a global and local level, focusing on stakeholder reviews, strategy consultations, dedicated surveys and participation in several multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Graphic showing how H&M Group works with stakeholders and translates strategy into action

Collaboration to tackle challenges together

Over the years, collaboration has become increasingly important to our sustainability work. It has been essential throughout this strategy and goal-setting process, and will be a critical ingredient to achieving our vision in the months and years ahead. It is no secret (or surprise) that the challenges we face are too complex for any company to tackle alone, no matter their size. By acknowledging this complexity, we can approach these issues in a holistic way and, working together, create systematic change.

Salient Human Rights Issues 2021

We are proud to be working with the kind of partners and innovators who can make this approach work. This includes other fashion brands, global trade unions, academics, researchers, to name a few – as well as the ILOSidaWWF, the Ellen MacArthur FoundationSolidaridad and many more.

Find out more about the different stakeholder groups we work with, how we work with them and the issues we raised in Stakeholder Engagement 2021.