Engaging stakeholders

Joining forces and listening to other perspectives is key to achieving our ambitious goals. We work with a wide range of stakeholders to tackle shared challenges, scale innovations and positive impact, and to build mutual trust and accountability.

It is no secret that the challenges and opportunities our industry faces are too complex for any organisation to tackle alone, no matter their size. We actively seek out partnerships and take part in a wide range of different collaborations so we can accelerate solutions and create systematic change together. 

Tackling challenges together

Every day we engage with our different stakeholders, including industry peers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), inter-governmental organisations (IGOs), policymakers, investors and the rights-holders impacted by our business.* 

We host webinars and roundtables, consult as we develop our strategies, conduct regular surveys and do our best to maintain an open dialogue with all our stakeholders. Our dedicated stakeholder engagement team drives this work and we systematically integrate the feedback we receive into our strategies, risk assessments and priorities.  This collaboration helps us define material issues for our reporting and identify our salient human rights.  

Find out more about the different stakeholder groups we work with, the issues that are important to them and how we work together in our Stakeholder Engagement 2022

* Rights holders refers to our employees, our customers, the workers in our supply chains, the communities where we operate, and specific communities of people at greater risk of inequity or human rights violations.