Vision and strategy

From our very first day in 1947, our business has been about making fashion and the joy it can bring accessible to everyone — democratising what had previously been a privilege of the few.

Leading the change

  • Scale innovation.
  • Promote transparency.
  • Engage and partner for industrywide progress.

Circularity and climate

  • Net-zero climate impact across our value chain.
  • Net-positive impact on biodiversity.
  • Circular ecosystem for our products, supply chains and customer journeys.
  • Operate within planetary boundaries.

Fair and equal

  • Fair jobs for all.
  • Inclusive and diverse workplaces and communities.

Respect human rights

Today, the world looks different. More people than ever before are enjoying decent incomes and good standards of living. We still want to make fashion accessible and enjoyable for all. But given the environmental and social pressures faced by our planet, we must change how we do that.

We have to challenge ourselves, question old assumptions, and reimagine what growth means. We must innovate not only materials and processes, but also business models and new ways for people to experience fashion and design. And we must keep people at the heart of our business by treating them fairly, supporting their rights, and celebrating their diverse talents and perspectives.

From the resources we use and increasingly reuse, to how we work with people and the expectations we set for our suppliers — everything we do forms part of the social and environmental story of our products. We want to enable our customers to understand and be part of that story, so they can make informed choices and ultimately see more sustainable choices as the most desirable and attractive ones.

Our industry is redefining itself and evolving, and so are we. We’ve been working on the sustainability of our business for more than 20 years, and in 2017 we launched an ambitious new strategy to redefine our approach and aspirations. Since then, we have taken important steps to fully implement the strategy throughout our business, work towards the goals we have set as part of it, and take the actions needed to make change happen.

Embracing sustainability

Meet Leyla Ertur, our Head of Sustainability, who explains how we work to achieve our goals.