A caring employer

A fundamental respect for the individual is at the core of our business; this applies to every aspect of it — from fair wages, working hours, and freedom of association to all employees’ growth and development opportunities. A solid foundation of fair labour standards and social policies further enables good working conditions in safe and healthy environments.

… every now and then it’s good to stop and review everything and this is what we’re doing. We want to challenge ourselves to be the very best – so my role is to act as the catalyst and facilitator for whatever it takes to get there.

– Annie Wu, H&M Group Head of Inclusion & Diversity

The H&M group is a fair and equal employer committed to providing a safe and attractive workplace where all employees are recognised, feel appreciated, and treated with respect.

Our social policies complement the company values and clarify the rights and obligations of all employees in matters such as mutual respect, equal rights, discrimination, and harassment.