Share buyback

Buybacks of shares by H&M during week 32, 2022

Between 8 August 2022 and 12 August 2022 H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (publ) (LEI code 529900O5RR7R39FRDM42) has repurchased in total 989,503 own B shares (ISIN: SE0000106270) as part of the share buyback programme initiated by the board of directors.

The share buybacks form part of the SEK 3.0 billion share buyback programme that H&M announced on 29 June 2022. The share buyback programme, which runs between 29 June 2022 and 30 November 2022, is being carried out in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 on market abuse (the Market Abuse Regulation – MAR) and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 (the so-called Safe Harbour Regulation).

H&M B shares have been repurchased as follows:

Date:Aggregated daily volume
(number of shares):
Weighted average share price per day
Total daily transaction value
8 August 2022200,000131.8537 26,370,740.00
9 August 2022200,000132.0825 26,416,500.00
10 August 2022197,325 131.393925,927,301.32
11 August 2022192,178132.9200 25,544,299.76
12 August 2022200,000133.8644 26,772,880.00
Total accumulated
over week 32/2022
989,503 132.4218 131,031,721.08
Total accumulated
during the buyback program
6,647,237129.7084 862,202,500.08

All acquisitions have been carried out on Nasdaq Stockholm by SEB on behalf of H&M. Following the above acquisitions, H&M’s holding of own shares amounts to 6,647,237 B shares as of 12 August 2022. The total number of shares in H&M, including the own shares, is 1,655,072,000 and the number of outstanding shares, excluding the own shares, is 1,648,424,763.

A full breakdown of the transactions is available in the archive below.

Nils Vinge, Head of Investor Relations
Telephone: +46 8 796 5250