Inclusion and diversity

H&M Group is a value-driven company, and we want to lead the way to a more inclusive world. To us, Inclusion and Diversity is about who we are and who we want to be. It’s about how we stay successful and relevant to customers and colleagues.

Reaching communities worldwide

We drive inclusion and diversity through our products and design, promoting it through our communications. Our inclusion and diversity initiatives reach communities around the world, leading to positive change globally.

Boosting business

We enable our leaders to realise the potential in our differences, perspectives and experiences in our everyday work. Business intelligence helps us ensure we provide an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute to our business and culture with their unique personalities and perspectives. We promote diverse teams with people that reflect, respect and relate to our customers.

Creating equal opportunities

We continuously revise and redesign critical processes, trainings and policies to intentionally promote diversity and be inclusive by default. This goes for recruitment as well as supporting equal opportunities to grow and develop when employed.

Staying relevant

Inclusion allows us to use our differences in belief, origin and personal experience as a powerful tool to address the challenges we face. Diversity boosts our creativity and gives us the ability to make truly innovative business decisions.

How we define I&D

Inclusion is diversity in action. That is why inclusion comes first. Diversity is the mix of people while inclusion is about actively advocating for that mix and making it work. In an inclusive and diverse environment, everyone can contribute to optimising decision-making and team performance by reflecting, respecting and relating to our employees, customers and communities. There are many definitions of inclusion and diversity — as a company, we want to embrace all interpretations.