Community engagement

At H&M Group, we want to give back to communities outside of our core business.

Our ambition

Our objective is to empower communities to create positive change for people and planet beyond our value chain. We support marginalised, underprivileged and vulnerable groups of people as well as initiatives that focus on climate and nature. Our contributions include donations, paid employee volunteering and partnerships with NGOs.

To have a bigger impact in the communities we are present, we partner with Business for Societal Impact (B4SI), the global standard in measuring and managing social impact.


beneficiaries in 2022

SEK 1 million

contributions in 2022*

How we engage with communities

Relief & support

We help in times of crisis:

  • When war broke out in Ukraine, we donated EUR 750,000 each to UNICEF and UNHCR. We gave over 150,000 garments to UNHCR and our customers donated almost SEK 11 M.
  • In 2022, we donated to over 190,000 pieces of clothing for people in South Sudan via UNHCR.

Collaborations for a cause

We raise money for causes through specific collections:

  • H&M Home donated 10% of the sale price of a special collection of interior and décor pieces for children’s rooms to Save the Children.
  • H&M donated $100,000 to Lemlem Foundation when they teamed up with founder Liya Kebede on a summer collection.

Taking a stand

We contribute to awareness and cause-related campaigns:

  • During the pandemic, we opened up our social channels to aid organisations like the Red Cross and World Health Organisation (WHO) to communicate health and safety messages.

Long-term community programmes

We work with local communities on specific topics:

  • My Store connects our stores to the local community. Store employees select a topic they are passionate about and team up with organisations to create positive impact on a hyper-local level. Initiatives include increasing awareness, recruiting volunteers and raising money.
  • In collaboration with TENT Partnership for Refugees, we help refugee women find work through a mentor programme with our employees in Germany and Italy.
  • In 2022, COS launched a programme for employees who work over 20 hours a week to get paid for up to eight hours of volunteering each year.

* This figure includes in-kind giving SEK 50.3 million, cash contributions SEK 52.7 million, management overheads SEK 9 million and employee volunteering SEK 2.1 million.