Leading the change

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We want to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion industry, using our size and scale to help speed up the transformation.

Our vision to lead the change means: innovating, incubating and investing in scaling new materials, technologies and business models with the potential to decouple our business growth from resource use. It means trying to do things differently, daring to take the first step. It means sharing more data and working to improve the accuracy and comparability of industrywide disclosure. And finally, it means collaborating with others to change the way the industry works and create the legislative environment and infrastructure required for the fashion sector of the future.

We focus on three areas that maximise our impact

  • Scaling innovation
    We need new materials, technologies and business models that promote circularity, decouple businesses from finite natural resources and enhance customer experience. We identify, test and scale new solutions that have the potential to transform our business and the fashion industry. ​
  • Promoting transparency
    To build trust and find joint solutions we communicate openly and honestly with colleagues, customers, investors and others about our business. Transparency alone will not improve sustainability performance, but it will create accountability and comparability, pushing us to improve and encouraging others in our industry to do the same.​
  • Engaging partners for industrywide progress
    An important part of our approach is openly engaging with others within and outside our industry. Engaging with diverse perspectives challenges us to do better, accelerates innovation and supports our transparency efforts. Partnerships help us progress towards our sustainability ambitions faster than we could alone and have a positive impact beyond our own value chain.​

Vision and strategy

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Goals and ambition

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We publish our Sustainability Disclosure annually. In this document, we set out our goals and the progress we’ve made in the previous year. Find the latest version here. More up to date information can be included on this page.