Leading the Change

We’re commited to Leading the Change to a better fashion future. This starts with improving sustainability performance in our own value chain and demonstrating the resilience of sustainable business.

We amplify our positive impact by working with others — showing the potential for innovation and dialogue to speed transformation. Leading the Change is a mindset. It influences everything we do and contributes to achieving our ambition to become fully circular and climate positive, while being a fair and equal company.  

We focus on three key areas that maximise our impact:

 — Innovation. Stimulating transformation by identifying, testing and scaling new solutions and business models. 

Transparency. Openly sharing our progress and challenges to create accountability and encourage others in our industry and our value chain to do the same. Collecting and disclosing data to increase visibility of our supply chain and enable meaningful decisions throughout our value chain. Providing product sustainability information to customers to make informed choices. 

Inspiring sustainable actions. Encouraging people across our value chain to make more sustainable choices. An important part of our approach is openly engaging with decision makers on policy issues such as wage setting mechanisms, labour law, climate change, due diligence, circular economy and biodiversity. 

By sharing knowledge and expertise we add value to legislation and contribute to progress beyond our industry. We believe ambitious, well-defined legislation is key for business and governments to take shared responsibility in creating sustainable change.

Vision and Strategy

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Goals and Ambition

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