Why sustainability is important to us

For almost 30 years, we’ve been working with sustainability. It’s part of our business idea – to offer our customers the best combination of fashion, quality, price and sustainability – and we believe that sustainable fashion should not be limited to the few.

We’ve made a lot of progress, however there is still much more to do. Across our industry, we need to reduce our impact on the climate, improve our social impact and build a better fashion system. And we need to do this transparently.

In this section of our website, you will find information on our goals and how we are going to reach them, as well as the standards and policies that guide our work.

Sustainability essentials

If you are new to our sustainability work, we recommend you visit these pages to get an overview of our work:

  • Read an interview and watch a short video with Leyla Ertur, our Director of Sustainability, where she talks about our approach to sustainability, our biggest challenges and our focus areas. 
  • Discover what others are saying about us on our awards and recognitions page where we list some of the recent reports and rankings that have featured H&M Group.
  • Explore our Sustainability Disclosure, where we set out in detail what we have achieved and learnt during the previous year as well as listing what we will focus on in the next.

Our focus areas

If you want to dig a bit deeper into our work, explore our focus areas to discover how we are addressing our impact:

Leading the change

  • Scale innovation
  • Promote transparency
  • Collaborate for industrywide progress

Circularity and climate

  • Become net-zero across our value chain by 2040, operating within planetary boundaries
  • Have a net-positive impact on biodiversity
  • Scale circular models and systems for our products, supply chains and customer journeys

Fair and equal

  • Have a positive impact on people across our value chain
  • Support and promote inclusion and diversity in everything we do

Latest updates

We regularly update these webpages with news and new information about our sustainability work. Here are some of the latest changes:

New case study: transitional solutions

Poor access to renewable energy and unreliable grid connections makes it difficult for some of our suppliers to move away from fossil fuels. Find out how we are using biomass as a transitional solution to start cutting emissions today.

Thermal heat storage installed at Rudong Knitit

New case study: decarbonising our supply chain

To reach our climate targets we need to decarbonise our supply chain. Find out how we supported a supplier to electrify a factory.

New document: Climate Transition Plan

We’ve brought together all our work around reducing emissions into one plan. It includes our goals and the actions we are taking in different areas of our business.

Latest sustainability news