Responsible Marketing

The brands within H&M Group work with some of the world’s best creatives to create campaigns that inspire a wide and diverse target group across our 74 markets. Marketing by our brands has a major impact; therefore, we need to plan and produce campaigns and communications material consciously.

H&M Group’s advertising campaigns, look-books and communications material are produced inhouse in co-operation with top-ranked creatives from all over the world. Our ambition is always to work with models and talents of diverse looks, ages, and cultural backgrounds to stay relevant to all our target groups. Collaborators are selected in line with our strict internal guidelines, ensuring that models depicted portray the current fashion in a positive and healthy manner, and we do not condone any form of drug or alcohol abuse.

Special guidelines for advertising of our children’s concepts

H&M Group has special guidelines for the advertising of our children’s concepts. The target audience is always caregivers and grownups, not children, and we do not place advertisements in media aimed directly at children. Children who take part in our campaigns must do so of their own free will. If children are cast in a photo shoot, there is always an H&M Group representative present to ensure the safety of the children and to maintain a professional environment.