H&M Foundation

The H&M Foundation is a non-profit global foundation, privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders and main owners of H&M Group. Founded to fast-track the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the H&M Foundation uses collaboration and innovation to co-create, fund and share solutions for the world’s most urgent challenges.

The H&M Foundation is a separate legal entity from the H&M Group, with its own team, strategy and board. Since it was initiated in 2013, the Stefan Persson family has donated 1.5 billion Swedish kronor to the foundation.

Being impatient visionaries, the H&M Foundation’s role is to challenge the comfortable and look outside the box for new solutions. To help safeguard the welfare of humanity they’re ushering the fashion industry to become planet positive and accelerating the development for inclusive societies.

As a non-profit the H&M Foundation can drive positive change in a way that complements the role of a commercial company. Such as supporting early innovation and absorbing the considerable risk that comes with exploring disruptive methods and solutions. An open and non-competitive foundation can form partnerships and drive transformation in very different and powerful ways compared to what many commercial businesses can and do.

To create real impact, the H&M Foundation openly share their insights and practices to inspire others to replicate and scale, to achieve the transformation needed.

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