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Update regarding Kingsland Garment Cambodia Ltd

Today a meeting was held between the textile workers from Kingsland Cambodia Garments Ltd and the different suppliers who produced at the factory. Present at the meeting was also representatives from the Government of Cambodia, union representatives and employers’ organization. H&M was represented at the meeting as an observer. The outcome of the meeting states that the textile workers will receive compensation. Since there are several suppliers that have purchased products, there will be a joint account for compensation. On the workers’ behalf we are positive to the process that has taken place. H&M has clearly acted on the case by demanding our suppliers to take responsibility for the textile workers from Kingsland Cambodia Garments Ltd’s situation.

1 Mar, 2013


We have full sympathy for the workers of Kingsland and support their demand to be properly compensated according to Cambodian Labor law. We are sorry that Kingsland has put the workers in this situation. The case is treated with high priority at H&M. That is why we, as an observer, are  attending the meeting March 1, 2013 in Phnom Phen, Cambodia, to show our support for the Kingsland employees and to understand the legal process.

Kingsland Garment Cambodia Ltd is not an approved supplier of H&M. Orders for H&M have unauthorized been produced in Kingsland during June – July 2012. Full and final order shipment of the H&M order was done in July 2012. Kingsland have on behalf of our supplier been paid the agreed cost for above mentioned production. Workers at Kingsland have been paid in accordance with law during the production months (June-July 2012).  After July shipment it has not been any production of H&M garments at Kingsland. However it has come to our attention that some garments remained in the factory during September 2012 which was left overs and or rejected garments.  We believe it is the responsibility of the owner of Kingsland to pay the dues of the workers and find a solution according to Cambodia Labour Law. H&M is involved in discussion with our supplier to ensure they fulfill their responsibility for any business they might have had with Kingsland after July 2012.

There will be a meeting 1st of March involving Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Social Affairs, who will proceed the Cambodian Law in securing assets, and identify workers legal claims and find a solution according to Cambodia Labor Law. We sincerely hope that it will be a positive outcome of the meeting where H&M will be present as an observer.

First published 2013-02-07

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