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Challenge our way of thinking

The Laboratory, an innovation hub within H&M Group, continues to explore new circular business models and challenge the way of thinking within the company. New sustainable initiatives need to be disruptive in all corners of the business to tackle the challenges that the fashion industry is facing.

By testing new circular business models and putting the customer in the heart of what we do, H&M Group hopes to accommodate new customer behavior and enable more sustainable choices.  For us, it’s essential to stay relevant and evolve with our customers. We also need to identify the key areas that will disrupt our industry in the future.

“Flexibility is essential because the changes within customer behaviors and our industry innovations are happening at breakneck speed”

                       Laura Coppen, Circular and Sustainable Business Developer, The Laboratory  

Within 2019 The Laboratory have launched several circular initiatives and tests in collaboration with our brands, for example Weekday and COS like remanufacturing, renewal, re-commerce and reusable packaging.

Meet Laura Coppen, Circular and Sustainable Business Developer at The Laboratory telling us more about H&M Group’s new initiatives in this area.