Circular and Climate Positive

We’re changing the way we do business to become climate-positive and fully circular: making the most of all resources, cutting carbon emissions and turning waste into new resources.

Recycling and upcycling

We believe it’s senseless that so many clothes and discarded textiles end up in landfill. Recycling is one of many ways to fulfil our goals towards a sustainable future. In 2018, we collected 20,649 tonnes of textiles for reuse and recycling through our garment collecting initiative. That’s 16% more than last year and represents the equivalent of 103 million T-shirts.

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Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Its consequences will affect our planet and everyone living on it – making it a key challenge to all industries, fashion included. We have decided to make a bold commitment and show that fashion can be climate positive, by setting the goal of becoming climate positive across our entire value chain by 2040 – at the latest.

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Circularity and our value chain

One thing is certain: the fashion industry can’t continue to operate in the same way as in past decades. At H&M Group, we believe that an industry-wide shift from a linear to a circular business model is the way forward, and our ambition is to become fully circular. But what do we mean when we talk about circularity?

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There is a heavy dependence on natural resources within the fashion industry. While the environmental impacts associated with fabric and textile processing can be harmful, there are existing fabrics that leave a better and smaller environmental footprint behind.

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Animal welfare

Animal welfare is important to us, and no animals should be harmed in the making of our products. We have a long-standing commitment to improving animal welfare across our global supply chains and we are working to source all animal-derived materials from farms with good animal husbandry.

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