Supplier Map

For years, we have worked hard to build strong, long-term relations with our suppliers, based on mutual trust and transparency. This allows us to disclose the names and locations as well as some additional information on their factories without major concerns about the ongoing competition on the best available production capacity in our industry.

On the contrary, our experience shows that this step incentivises our suppliers for increasingly taking ownership over their sustainability and that it recognises the progress they make.

The supplier map includes first-tier manufacturing supplier factories that account for 100% of the volume of our commercial products produced for the H&M group. Additionally, it includes all processing factories, which can be subcontracted by our first tier manufacturing supplier factories for specific tasks. In 2015, we expanded the scope of the list further and as the first major fashion brand, we now communicate the names and locations of the most important mills that provide our suppliers with fabrics and yarns. These are fabric yarn mills and tanneries making about 67% of our product volume for the H&M group.
We have signed the Transparency Pledge and included details about product type and a number of workers at each factory. We update the public supplier monthly. Since we occasionally test new factories, enter new partnerships or might have to phase out any factories, changes may occur and will be included in the forthcoming update of the supplier list.

Find the list here.

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