According to the principles for the Nomination Committee passed at the 2012 Annual General Meeting, H&M shall have an Nomination Committee made up of the Chairman of the Board plus four other members representing each of the four largest shareholders in terms of the number of votes, not including the shareholder that the Chairman of the Board may represent.

The following Nomination Committee was appointed at the 2012 Annual General Meeting:

  • Stefan Persson, Chairman of the Board
  • Lottie Tham
  • Liselott Ledin, Alecta
  • Jan Andersson, Swedbank Robur fonder
  • Anders Oscarsson, AMF and AMF Fonder

The composition is based on shareholdings at 29 February 2012. The above Nomination Committee remain in place until a new Nomination Committee is appointed.

To see the principles for the Nomination Committe – read the document Nomination Committee before the 2012 AGM.

Proposals from shareholders for the Nomination Committee may be sent either to individual members of the Nomination Committee or directly to:

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB
106 38 Stockholm


About the nomination committee

The Nomination Committee is the general meeting’s body that prepares the necessary information as a basis for decisions at the general meeting as regards election of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board, auditors and the chairman of the Annual General Meeting, fees to the Board and auditors, as well as principles for the Nomination Committee.

An account of the work of the Nomination Committee ahead of each AGM is available in a separate document on every Nomination Committee page.

Starting from the 2008 Annual General Meeting, the members of H&M’s Nomination Committee are elected by the general meeting.