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H&M group joins the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action

10 Dec, 2018

Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Its consequences will affect our entire planet and everyone living on it – making it a key challenge to all industries, including fashion. For us, this also means new possibilities and raising our sustainability ambitions even more. H&M group wants to be part of the solution to global warming and climate change, and collaboration with others plays a key role to succeed.

During the UN Climate Chance Conference in Katowice, Poland (COP24), the global fashion sector has increased momentum to address climate change by launching the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, in which H&M group is one of the signatories together with other leading fashion brands, retailers, supplier organizations and others.

“This charter is about getting the fashion industry united in important climate work. Our industry has a global reach and only together can we create the change that is urgently needed. We are happy to be a signatory of this charter as part of our ambition to become climate positive in our value chain.”

Karl-Johan Persson, CEO H&M group.

The Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action recognizes the crucial role that fashion plays on both sides of the climate equation; as a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and as a sector with multiple opportunities to reduce emissions while contributing to sustainable development.

Read more about the work H&M group is doing to become climate positive by 2040 in its’ value chain.

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