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Andreas Eriksson succeeds Kristina Stenvinkel as Communications Director H&M Group

Andreas Eriksson, Head of Media Relations H&M Group, will take on the role as Communications Director H&M Group succeeding Kristina Stenvinkel. Andreas has extensive experience within communications and leadership from his previous roles as Communications Director at UNICEF Sweden and Managing Director at Patriksson Group.

Kristina Stenvinkel will join Ramsbury, the Persson family’s private company, as Communications Advisor. Kristina will also be Communications Advisor to CEO Helena Helmersson and the H&M group in selected assignments.

Iñigo Sáenz Maestre, currently Senior Press Officer in H&M Group’s Media Relations team, will succeed Andreas Eriksson as Head of Media Relations for H&M Group.


Andreas Eriksson, Communications Director H&M Group from February 15, 2021
+46 73 595 45 05

Iñigo Sáenz Maestre, Head of Media Relations from February 1, 2021
+46 72 980 53 52

Kristina Stenvinkel, Communications Advisor Ramsbury and H&M Group from March 1, 2021
+46 70 796 54 40


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