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Helena Helmersson and Maisie Williams on “Fashion’s new normal”

Helena Helmersson, CEO at H&M Group, and Maisie Williams, Actor and Global Sustainability Ambassador for H&M, discussed “Fashion’s new normal” at the Fashion Future’s 2021 conference in Stockholm.  

During the Fashion Future’s 2021 conference on August 31, Helena Helmersson and Maisie Williams met virtually in a studio in Stockholm to discuss the future of fashion. The conversation was moderated by Simon Collins, Founder of House of Collins.  

Fashion’s new normal

The talk focused on the post-pandemic direction for the fashion industry, a way forward that will require ingenuity, creativity, tech innovation and new business models to engage with customers in inspiring ways.   

Maisie Williams in the recycled denim collection from H&M Divided, and Helena Helmersson in H&M Studio AW21, discussing the post-pandemic direction for the fashion industry.
Photo: Milad Abedi/Patriksson Group

Practical solutions

Helmersson and Williams offered a glimpse into sustainable fashion’s future. Focusing on practical solutions, they left on a positive and empowering note, reminding us that while there are physical limits to what the planet can support, fashion can find a way to operate within them.

3 things to take away from the talk: 

  1. It’s an ongoing challenge
    Creating a truly sustainable business isn’t a one-off job. But, when we — influencers, companies, governments — come together around a common goal, we can do almost anything.
  2. Creativity and technology are key
    People’s energies and emotions fuel progress, and sustainable innovations that are creative, engaging and fun keep the momentum — like our 3D body scanner or the Looop machine in Stockholm. The Looop machine offers customers the possibility to transform unwanted garments into new fashion favourites, visualizing the textile-to-textile recycling process that usually is behind the scenes. Both are tech innovations by H&M Group.
  3. The notion of sustainability is evolving
    Expanding definitions of sustainability beyond materials, to include the people and relationships that go into creating the fashion we wear, is an important part of the agenda. 

If you missed the talk, catch it here 

The Looop Machine

What is Fashion Future?  

The Fashion Future platform is an international meeting place, bringing global leaders, innovators, activists, and other experts and emerging talents together for conversations and collaborations. The platform focuses on innovation at the intersection of technology and sustainability in fashion.

This year’s theme, Leadership, brought together international experts, emerging talents, and surrounding communities, for conversations and collaborations around projects and initiatives that drive the change for a sustainable future.