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H&M Group and IndustriALL support the global garment industry

H&M Group and IndustriALL Global Union have issued a joint statement to support the global garment industry through the Covid-19 crisis.

It signals continued strong commitment from H&M Group and IndustriALL to work together to support the economic and social recovery of the global garment industry and to build back a more resilient industry.

“The importance of meaningful and close collaboration between companies and trade unions has become even more evident during the pandemic. Only by joining forces – in particular at the factory floor – we can efficiently use our combined leverage and expertise to tackle challenges when it comes to safe-guarding workers’ fundamental rights in the wake of Covid-19”

Yosef El-Natour – Head of Production H&M Group

The pandemic has put enormous pressure on the whole global garment industry. The joint statement identifies common activities and efforts necessary to minimize the impacts of the pandemic. One focus will be on strengthening social protection systems to secure the rights of the workers in the global garment supply chain.

The joint statement strengthens the existing partnership that H&M Group has with IndustriALL and the Swedish trade union IF Metall through our Global Framework Agreement (GFA).

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