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H&M and the Perfect Fit

A new digital avatar named Perfect Fit will take the customer experience at H&M to the next level. The brand releases a new app to help customers find clothes that fit perfectly by giving them the possibility to virtually try on clothes before shopping.

H&M and the Perfect Fit: It's all about improving the customer expericence.

The concept has been created in the innovation lab within the H&M Group and the plan is to test the app Perfect Fit in Sweden during 2019.

With the new feature, customers will be able to try on styles and shop through the mobile site as well as the app. After taking a selfie with their smartphone the customer can pick attributes such as hairstyle, colours and glasses. When they are done choosing the appearance of their avatar, they can virtually try on clothes to see the fit and size. For example, it can be used to see if a T-shirt is too short, or if the button-down might be a bit too tight around the chest. The fit on the avatar can be explored on the mobile site or via the app in 3D and also in life-size with augmented reality (AR). 

During the test, the customer data will be used to enable and improve the service. Our customers can remove the data we collect at any time. 

Perfect fit is one example of H&M Group’s future work with AI in order to keep up with demand and supply in the best possible way. This is not only good for the environment, but also for our customers and our business. It’s a win-win-win situation.