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For a more inclusive shopping experience

While shopping, finding that perfect item should be a fun and inspiring pursuit, regardless of one’s size or body shape. So, to help create an even more inclusive shopping experience for everyone, Project Match was launched in March 2021.

As a global business, we need to respect and reflect all people and cultures by creating a truly inclusive environment. We initially launched Project Match, a unique cross-collaboration between various brands and functions within H&M Group, in response to a group of shoppers’ demands with H&M’s range and their customer experience.

“Going into Project Match, the first thing we had to do, was to be open to that there is a lot we don’t know. We have designed and sold fashion to millions of people worldwide for decades now. However, we still have a lot to learn about our customers”, says Nanda van den Hoek, who is co-leading the project.

We are collaborating with both internal and external experts on inclusion and diversity, helping us broaden our perspective even more. But more importantly, we have met with our customers and listened to their experiences.

Learning by listening

A big part of Project Match is the customers’ personal and enlightening stories. And for many of our employees involved, this has made Project Match particularly important.

“Working on Project Match, you hear from many underserved and underrepresented people. You are talking to people who have had negative experiences”, says Nanda van den Hoek and continues:

“I think all of us involved sees this as a great opportunity to create real change for people often overlooked by the fashion industry. So, we will use our research to find the best way to do that. And we are also making sure our new knowledge and insights spread throughout the H&M Group so that all our brands can become even more inclusive”.

As we progress, we will find an impactful opportunity for H&M Group to deliver change in this space, and then plan for the next phase. So far, it’s helping us act faster and better on the feedback we get, and in the long run, we will use the insights for projects and processes throughout our entire brand portfolio.

Nanda van den Hoek, Project Manager for Project Match
Nanda van den Hoek, Project Manager for Project Match

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