Why sustainability is important to us

Our sustainability work brings us opportunities to grow and develop our customer offering in new and innovative ways. To make the most of these opportunities, we challenge ourselves, question old assumptions and look for new ways to do business that decouples our growth from the use of finite natural resources. We invest in new materials, technology and business models to drive change in the way we make and remake our products, and how our customers experience fashion and design. 

From the resources we use and reuse, to how we work with people and the expectations we set for our suppliers, everything we do creates the social and environmental story of our products. We want our customers to be part of that story, so they can make informed choices and ultimately see more sustainable choices as the most desirable and attractive ones. Our industry is redefining itself and evolving. So are we. We’ve been working on the sustainability of our business for more than 20 years, constantly refining and reiterating our approach to address new challenges and take on board new knowledge. And we’re committed to keep learning, investing and taking action. 

Our focus areas

Our sustainability work covers three themes – leading the change, circularity and climate, and fair and equal. These areas are linked and our actions in one area will benefit another. For example, as we cut our GHG emissions we will reduce our impact on water resources, help protect biodiversity and support human rights such as health, livelihoods, land rights and access to water.

Leading the change

  • Scale innovation
  • Promote transparency
  • Collaborate for industrywide progress

Circularity and climate

  • Become net-zero across our value chain by 2040, operating within planetary boundaries
  • Have a net-positive impact on biodiversity
  • Scale circular models and systems for our products, supply chains and customer journeys

Fair and equal

  • Have a positive impact on people across our value chain
  • Support and promote inclusion and diversity in everything we do

Sustainability Reporting


Every year we publish our sustainability disclosure detailing the progress we made over the previous 12 months towards our goals and ambitions.

Standards & Policies

Links to all the policies and standards that drive our sustainability work and how we run our company.

Latest in sustainability