Terms and conditions

H&M Group will protect its own rights and the rights of the photographer/director from any kind of infringement or misuse. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you handle images and/or film material with the greatest care and follow our conditions of use.

  • When using H&M Groups images and/or film material it must be made clear that it is an H&M Group image or an H&M Group production.
  • Where photographers’ or directors’ names are given, these should always be credited.
  • Media are never allowed to manipulate, alter or edit H&M Group’s images in any way.
  • Media are never allowed to manipulate or alter H&M Group’s moving image material in any way.
  • The use of images from H&M Group as covers is not permitted.

Copyright notice

Intellectual property is protected by law. H&M Group and the photographer(s) or director(s) reserve all copyright and other intellectual property rights associated with the images and moving image material. H&M Group and the photographer(s) or director(s) will not tolerate any infringement of their rights or any loss of or damage to their goodwill caused by such infringement. Legal proceedings will be commenced without further notice in the event of any infringement of intellectual property rights vested in H&M Group and/or the photographer(s) and the director(s). The same shall apply to breaches of the conditions of use.