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Unifrom™ + Weekday Present the new perfume concept: Tissue Feast Limited Edition

The Swedish fragrance house Unifrom™ and the street fashion brand Weekday introduce the Tissue Feast – a sensory limited-edition concept featuring the perfume oil INDIGO and a raw denim collection. Together, they blend body and fabric, pushing the boundaries of creativity and self-expression.

A fusion of flesh and fibers when Unifrom™ and Weekday present the Tissue Feast, an immersive limited-edition featuring the INDIGO perfume and a raw denim collection. It’s an artistic representation of the intricate weaving process, reflecting the interplay between cells and fibers, much like the enlarged twill weave of the garments and the arrangement of molecules in the perfume oil, creating a second-skin experience.

We wanted to abstract the essence of youth, translate it from visual expansion and emotion into scent, weaving a narrative where the perfume’s notes intertwine with the tactile metallic allure of denim. It’s an interplay between body and fabric, where every thread, every smell, and every touch become part of the narrative.

Alice Shulman, Design Lead Creative Initiatives at Weekday


We personify an age-old profession in a contemporary way and view perfume conceptually, embracing a fresh approach to how we interact with fragrance. Much like our collaboration, INDIGO strikes a balance between pleasant, punk, and timelessness. It’s versatile, suitable for all, and open to endless creative layering.

Haisam Mohammed, founder of Unifrom™

Unifrom™, as a concept, inspired the design of clothing, aiming to extend the idea of a modern uniform. The collection seamlessly blends sophistication with the raw authenticity of denim, reinventing the concept of a contemporary uniform. From a long, heavy denim coat to a voluminous pleated low-rise midi skirt layered upon a pair of bonded high-waisted trousers. This collection features sculptural silhouettes with the intention of layering, just like the perfume, and highlights archetypal designs. The enlarged organic cotton twill weave becomes a mobile tactile sensation, zooming in and out, resembling an enlarged twill, like a cell, becoming tissue.”

The Unifrom™ and Weekday collaboration is a sensory feast that invites exploration beyond the ordinary, where flesh, fabric, and fragrance converge a fresh perspective on self-expression.

INDIGO perfume and collection will be launched online and in selected stores on November 30th, 2023.