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New initiative Treadler offers access to H&M Group’s global supply chain

Exploring opportunities within business to business to accelerate sustainable change.

New concepts and initiatives are part of H&M Group’s strategy to drive sustainable growth. Via Treadler, H&M Group will begin to offer access to its global supply chain as a service to external companies. Treadler will enable its clients to benefit from H&M Group’s expertise, long-term supplier partnerships and strategic sustainability work, thereby helping them to overcome initial business barriers and accelerate sustainable change.

“We see the opportunity to utilise the full potential of H&M Group’s extensive investments and progressive sustainability work by catering to clients’ needs and contributing to driving long-term growth for H&M Group, while driving change in our industry. In discussions with other companies, we have experienced a demand for these kinds of services.”

Gustaf Asp, Managing Director Treadler


Treadler will initially work on a small scale and provide a service that is tailored to suit the need of each client, covering all steps from product development to sourcing, production and logistics.

Contact persons:
Lydia Odergren, Head of Communication Treadler
Phone: +46 (0)73 462 26 00

Kristina Stenvinkel, Communications Director H&M Group

Phone: +46 (0)8 796 53 00


Treadler is a B2B initiative by H&M Group, enabling external companies to access the group’s global supply chain, by offering services from product development to sourcing, production and logistics.