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New report shows H&M Group’s leadership in emission reductions

H&M Group achieved the highest score out of all the 43 brands included, with an overall score B-. The environmental advocacy organisation’s annual report rates fashion brands on five areas – commitments and transparency, renewable energy, low carbon materials, shipping and advocacy.

Leyla Ertur, Head of Sustainability H&M Group’s rating confirms H&M Group is on the right path. However, science shows we need to work faster and take even stronger actions to keep temperature rise within 1.5°. We are committed to achieve net-zero by 2040, reduce our supply chain emissions, move away from using virgin materials and work with stakeholders to ensure a policy environment that encourages rapid action.

Leyla Ertur, H&M Group Head of Sustainability

In consideration of the threats which the progressing climate crisis has on the environment and societies, H&M Group stays humble and focused on its commitment to accelerate climate action beyond its value chain. Despite the high rating the group recognises that there is still more work to do.

Next week, H&M Group releases its Sustainability Disclosure for 2022, disclosing new figures and the progress the company achieved last year.