Letter from our Head of Sustainability

Leyla Etur Head of Sustainability, H&M Group

I’m pleased to present the 2021 H&M Group Sustainability Disclosure, detailing our priorities, progress and learnings on key environmental and social issues over the past year. We share the growing sense of urgency with many around the world who recognise the fashion industry needs to move faster towards circularity and continue to work to develop a fairer, more transparent and traceable supply chain.

This year, we accelerated our net-zero ambitions and made progress in key areas such as material sourcing, inclusion and diversity, and circular design. We’ve partnered with others to test and scale circular materials, processes and business models, and to progress social protection and dialogue within our supply chain.

Looking ahead, we see collaboration as essential for finding solutions to the complex and interconnected challenges we face as an industry. We’ve come a long way, but we know there is much more to do to accelerate our transformation. We will continue to share our progress and learnings, and welcome collaboration and partnerships as we continue this journey

Leyla Etur

Head of Sustainability, H&M Group