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Weekday launches jeans collection made with reborn textile waste

In collaboration with Infinited Fiber Company, H&M Group brand Weekday has introduced a limited-edition version of their popular Rowe Jeans, using 100% post-consumer waste to make a completely recyclable, breathable cotton like fabric.

The material used to make the exclusive jeans consists of 50% organic cotton and 50% Infinna™, which comes from 100% reborn textile waste. The Infinna™-Rowe jeans are now available in Weekday’s online store and the price is the same as for the conventional model, further establishing the need to democratise more sustainable fashion choices.

Infinna™ can be recycled again in the same process together with other textile waste. What makes Infinted Fiber Company’s technology unique is that it can turn textile, cardboard and agricultural waste to new a cotton-like material. The ground-breaking process makes it possible to recycle garments again and again without compromising on the quality, thereby creating a true circular fashion economy.

The Weekday Infinna™ release is a continuation of years of collaboration between Infinited Fiber Company and H&M Group. In 2019, Weekday teamed up with actor and environmental activist Maisie Williams to co-design the first showcase denim outfit fully created from regenerated textile waste.


”Weekday is taking steps towards fully implementing circular design practices. We’ve previously teamed up with actor Maisie Williams and co-designed a custom two-piece outfit made from Infinna™, Infinited Fiber’s revolutionary textile fiber that transforms textile waste into a high quality and sustainable circular alternative to cotton. This time around, we wanted to scale up this concept and give a wider audience the chance to choose circular design and created a limited edition of our most popular women’s jeans fit Rowe, using a 50/50 blend of Infinna™ and organic cotton in a denim weave.”

Anna Norling, Weekday Head of Design

Innovation is key

The initiative fronted by actor Maisie Williams was originally a test project by the Circular Innovation Lab team at H&M Group. Locating and testing out new innovative concepts that have the potential to be scaled up, are an important part of H&M Group’s work towards becoming fully circular and climate positive. Investing in innovations enables the group and its brands to explore solutions that have the potential to replace the production of virgin fibers and therefore play a vital part in helping us meet out sustainability goals. The collaboration’s first commercial product has finally been unveiled and is available to customers in Weekday’s online shop from 4 February.